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Engendering Balance: A Fresh Approach to Leadership offers an imaginative and compelling perspective in which leaders who think and act differently achieve more.  Grounded in research and drawing on a wealth of experience, this book has arisen from the pioneering work of the three authors

Clients work with us because

They know that the way they are working at the moment doesn't always serve them well, and that it certainly won't equip them to meet the tough challenges of leadership for the emerging future.

They see the need to "look wider and reach deeper" to fully draw out the complementary qualities of leadership that create the conditions for success.

Clients describe our development work with them as illuminating – engendering a mind-set of possibility and inclusivity. People achieve real and lasting shifts in their personal capacity for leadership, benefitting their teams and the organisation.


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Take your leadership development capabilities to more exciting levels through our new programme.

We have developed two incredible tools that our associates find fabulous to use when developing their clients leadership, generating deep insights - with the opportunity to achieve life changing results.

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Balanced Leadership
the essentials

Bringing out the personal authority and wisdom of the leader

Harnessing the collective energy of groups and teams

Access the power of cumulative efforts
within the whole organisation.
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Valuing the full range of human qualities - both the deep masculine and the deep feminine, for a naturally inclusive engendering balance approach.

Our approach
making waves

We're contributing to a bigger wave of change in leadership.
Bringing balanced leadership into play in the context of
21st Century leadership challenges

The EB team
professional, experienced and impactful

Engendering Balance Leadership Development Professionals have:

  • Decades of experience of working at depth to support leadership development and organisational change
  • Energy, drive and commitment to work with individuals and teams towards building leadership capacity
  • Connection at a very real level with the challenges our clients face - based on direct experience as leaders in guiding organisations through significant change
  • A breadth of thinking that benefits our client organisations
  • Extensive experience in coaching leaders to achieve real and meaningful personal growth that enhances their workplace contributions
  • A thorough knowledge of team and group dynamics and experience in building high performing teams
  • Highly tuned facilitation capabilities with strong interpersonal skills to deliver communications succinctly and encourage feedback and discussion

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